Digitised Pleasures.

Digitised Pleasures.

Rhythm & Sound - Roll Off

ARTIST: Rhythm & Sound. ALBUM: Rhythm & Sound. LABEL: Rhythm & Sound. CAT#: RSD-1. COUNTRY: Germany. RELEASED: 2001. GENRE: Electronic, Reggae. STYLE: Downtempo, Dub, Dub Techno, Experimental.

Raime - Soil And Colts by Blackest Ever Black http://soundcloud.com/blackest-ever-black/raime-soil-and-colts

Kovacs - My Love (Official Video)

The single My Love is taken from the EP My Love, available on Bol.com http://bit.ly/1lUANCG iTunes http://bit.ly/1ltZMMH. Listen to My Love EP on Spotify http://bit.ly/1qJglJ7. www.kovacsmusic.com The video is directed by Sandin Puce, camera by Tobias Jall, produced by acneproduction.com Kovacs - My Love Babe don’t try to call My heart is ticking and the show, just won’t wait It’s strange, you couldn’t see it my way, hey now go I pray for you to fall The spark, has died and now you’re just too late A shame, you’re knocking at the wrong gate , hey go home Come what may, I won’t give away My love, diamond rings and Chevrolets My love, aces high and cigarettes My love, faking all like Hollywood My love, love, love No way you’ll see me crawl Like a shark I’ll be ripping you apart, and celebrate With lots of champagne, you caught me on the wrong day, now you know Come what may, I won’t give away My love, see me dancing in the rain My love, no more whiskey and cocaine My love, ending all forbidden fruit My love, love, love Ashes to ashes, dust to dust No you can’t amuse me, so leave you must Ashes to ashes, dust to dust If the spell won’t kill you, your ego does My love, diamond rings and Chevrolets My love, no more tears and no regrets My love, time to lay the man to rest My love, love, love


DIFLUXE allows us to observe and interact with a world of living beings. On screen, the particles wander forming groups similar to schools of fish. The visitor is invited to upset the balance of this microcosm by placing red or blue plexiglass disks on the surface of the screen. By This simple gesture, the visitor forces the particles to reveal their true nature. Half of them are desperate to join the red discs while avoiding the blue while the rest of them have the opposite behavior. Visitors can observe the chaos generated by their actions in the ceaseless movements of particles to find an equilibrium state. The purpose of this installation is to experience duality in a living system, certain situations create confusion such that the particles never recover their balance. Their behaviors are also based on human nature and our permanent dissatisfaction. Each particle is endowed with free will that evolves over time, they are attracted to blue, red or completely independent. DIFLUXE enables us to contemplate and play with the fluctuations of a world that we don’t always understand. Co-production Bouillants / Avoka More info : www.avoka.fr Built with the Cinder framework ////////////////////////// FR ////////////////////////// DIFLUXE permet d’observer et d’interagir avec un univers peuplé de petits êtres vivants. Sur l’écran, les particules déambulent formant des groupes similaires à des bancs de poissons. Le visiteur est invité à bouleverser l’équilibre apparent de ce microcosme en plaçant des disques en plexiglas rouges ou bleus sur la surface de l’écran. Par ce geste simple, le visiteur force les particules à révéler leur vraie nature. La moitié d’entre elles cherchent désespérément à rejoindre les disques rouges tout en évitant les bleus alors que le reste d’entre elles ont le comportement inverse. Le visiteur peut ainsi observer le chaos engendré par son geste dans les mouvements incessants des particules pour retrouver un état d’équilibre. Le but de cette installation est d’expérimenter la dualité dans un système vivant, certaines situations engendrent une confusion telle que les particules ne retrouvent jamais leur état d’équilibre. Leurs comportements s’inspirent aussi de la nature humaine et de notre insatisfaction permanente. Chaque particule est douée d’un libre arbitre qui évolue au fil du temps, elles sont attirées par le bleu, le rouge ou totalement indépendante. DIFLUXE permet de contempler et de jouer avec les fluctuations d’un monde qui parfois nous dépasse. Co-production Bouillants / Avoka Plus d’info : www.avoka.fr Développé avec la librairie Cinder


DYSKOGRAF is a graphic disk reader.  Each disc is created by visitors to the installation by way of felt tip pens provided for their use.  The mechanism then reads the disk, translating the drawing into a musical sequence. Co-production : Cultures Electroni[k], Les Bouillants, Avoka More info on the web : www.dyskograf.com www.avoka.fr //////////////////////////////// FR ///////////////////////////// DYSKOGRAF est un lecteur de disques graphiques. Chaque disque est créé sur place par les visiteurs de l’installation grâçe à une série de feutres mis à leur disposition. Le dispositif permet ensuite de lire les disques pour traduire le dessin en une séquence musicale. Co-production : Cultures Electroni[k], Les Bouillants, Avoka Plus d’info sur le web : www.dyskograf.com www.avoka.fr

the Abovemarine.

www.ben-dror.com/the-abovemarine Over a period of a few weeks I trained my Siamese fighting fish (betta splendens) José to jump out the water and get food off my finger. He also learnt to follow my hand as I moved it around the outside of his tank. Inspired by these interactions, the Abovemarine is a vehicle that enables José, or any other fish to roam on the land freely. This small freedom allows him to Interact with other species including humans and small animals. José is able to successfully navigate around a room, as he swims backwards (stopping the Abovemarine) before hitting obstacles. The Abovemarine is not fish freedom. It is not a product and it is not for fish to live in (and they don’t). José and the Abovemarine engage our interest in the beauty and intelligence of these creatures. We are encouraged to ask questions that challenge our preconceived notions about fish and other living creatures. “Does the fish have intention?”, “Does the fish understand what he is doing?”, “Do fish have memories?”. The Abovemarine moves using Omni Wheels, allowing it to travel in any direction without first having to turn. Without this mechanism, the tank would get stuck in a feedback loop, spinning in a circle every time José, who moves relative to the tank, swam left or right. José’s movement is tracked using a camera and computer vision. While the Abovemarine was developed independently, I have since been made aware of Ken Rinaldo’s Augmented Fish Reality (2004) and Garnet Hertz’s Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot (2004). @adambendror www.twitter.com/adambendror


Filmmakers Katy Scoggin and Laura Poitras follow reporter Marcel Rosenbach as he informs the staff of a German communications firm that they have been targeted for surveillance by British spies.

Ann Demeulemeester Fall Winter 2014-2015.

Al Green ~ Simply Beautiful {Live Acoustic}


alt-J - Every Other Freckle (Official Video - Girl).

Directed by Olivier Groulx From the forthcoming album ‘This Is All Yours’ Available on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/TIAYitunes Available on CD / Double LP here: http://www.altjband.com/ Stream Every Other Freckle: http://smarturl.it/frecklestream Forthcoming live dates: http://showsnear.by/alt-J

alt-J - Every Other Freckle (Official Video - Boy).

Directed by Olivier Groulx From the forthcoming album ‘This Is All Yours’ Available on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/TIAYitunes Available on CD / Double LP here: http://www.altjband.com/ Stream Every Other Freckle: http://smarturl.it/frecklestream Forthcoming live dates: http://showsnear.by/alt-J

That’s Amore! by Ale Giorgini

That’s Amore! by Ale Giorgini